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Well Permit(s)

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At the May 10, 2022 Board of Director’s meeting the Board approved the Arvin GSA well permit acknowledgement form(s) prepared pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order N-7-22 (EO), and to specifically comply with sub-section 9(a) of that EO.

The Arvin GSA has the jurisdiction and authority to address only sub-section 9(a) of the EO.  Compliance with subsection 9(b) of the EO, which requires a determination as to whether a proposed well is likely to interfere with existing well production and/or to cause subsidence impacts, is Kern County’s responsibility.

On June 23, 2022 Kern County issued an email with acknowledgement form(s) that will seek to coordinate with groundwater sustainability agencies in carrying out Kern County’s responsibility under subsection 9(b).  The procedure is as follows:

1.    Download the four (4) attached Well Permit Acknowledgement Forms:

a.    Arvin GSA – Groundwater Sustainability Agency Verification Form

b.    Arvin GSA Compliance with Executive Order N-7-22

c.     Intended Use Statement

d.    Overdrafted Basin Supplemental Well Application

2.    Complete and submit all forms to the District along with Kern County well permit application for review

3.    Upon review of the forms, District will be return to the Landowner or request additional information

4.    Landowner is responsible to return all required forms to Kern County (along with the well permit application)

Arvin GSA Groundwater Sustainability Agency Verification Form

Arvin GSA Compliance With Executive Order N-7-22

Intended Use Statement (Kern County)

Overdrafted Basin Supplemental Well Application (Kern County)